Welcome to Str8 Hype! What's Your Go To Shoe?

Welcome to a sacred place for the Hypebeast in all of us. Hype Kills. That Usually Means L's all around. But No Worries because Str8 Hype is here to give you the W. 

Now that we’ve got that established. We wanted to get a feeling for our customers/viewers and no better way to get to know someone than to talk about your favorite sneaker? So our question to everyone reading this is what is your favorite sneaker? Comment on the blog and let us know! 

Whats ours? Without a doubt the Air Jordan 1. We love 1s there’s something about your 1st that’s always special...or should be anyway lol. And Nike got it right in this area. The Air Max 1, Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 are cult icons and truly great shoes.  Those 3 models make up 80% of my collection nowadays. (It was not always that way!).  

With that being said there can only be one! And my one is the Air Jordan 1(you see what I did there?) It is a timeless shoe that is multi faceted. I can wear them with a suit to add a casual twist. I can through them on cargos and a T for a complete free Down or anywhere in between. Not to mention I find the shoe to be very aesthetically pleasing in a symplistic way. Not to much. Not too Little. Homeage to Nike with the swoosh. Pre Jumpman. Very Classic The Air Jordan 1 is my right hand. It’s my go to. What’s yours? 

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